In the event of difficulties relating to the management of your membership, membership fee or a Claim, you must respect the following steps :

  • Firstly, you must contact the managing broker's claims department as mentioned in your terms and conditions
  • Secondly, only if the managing broker’s claims Department rejects or refuses to accept the claim in whole or in part, you may then contact the Insurer in writing (mentioning the references of the file in question and attaching a copy of any supporting documents) :
    • By mail to: Seyna - Complaints department - 58 rue de la Victoire 75009 Paris
    • By email to :

    The Insurer will acknowledge receipt of the claim within 10 working days of the date of receipt and will specify the expected time for processing the claim.

    The abovementioned procedure does not apply if the dispute has been referred to a court, either by the Member or by the Insurer.

  • Thirdly, if the disagreement persists following the Insurer's response, you may request the opinion of the Mediator of the French Insurance Federation (F.F.A.), whose contact details are as follows: La Médiation de l'Assurance - TSA 50110 - 75441 Paris Cedex 09.

The provisions of this paragraph will be without prejudice to other legal action.