Why did we create Seyna ?

1. To invent tomorrow's insurance

Insurance suffers from an image problem, but the reality is that it enables people to overcome life's accidents by planning for them. We have been passionate insurers for over 10 years, and are convinced that it is a necessity to innovate by offering insurance products that are in line with consumers' lifestyles and demands. That's why we have chosen to create Seyna : to be free to create tomorrow's insurance.

2. To build solutions that give the power back to the insured

Insurance supports people throughout their lives, from their studies to their retirement, for leisure activities as well as for work. But it is a complex field which can be daunting, especially for today's consumers, whose lifestyles are dramatically changing : sharing economy, new mobility, e-commerce, one-click purchasing, last-minute bookings, ... At Seyna, we create simple and transparent insurance products that provide the coverage each person really needs.

3. To be a trustworthy partner

Insurers today no longer act alone: they do their job in coordination with many different partners, each specialized in their own area (retailers, brokers, TPAs, ...). At Seyna, we are convinced that the best insurance products can only be designed by working together with the best experts. For us, partnerships are fundamental: the best insurer is the one working with the best partners.

Why the name ? Seyna is a reed from the South of France. Reeds are both agile and strong: an apt image for a new insurance player.